Laxmi DhaulLaxmi Dhaul’s defining characteristic
is her very diverse set of interests.
After her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry
at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai she went on to receive a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Mumbai University. In 2000 she published her book on ‘The Sufi Saint of Ajmer’ after her many visits to the saints Dargah in Ajmer, where her three children were studying in boarding school. Her fascination for Sufism continued and in 2006, she published ‘The Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya’, an illustrated ‘book that offered an insight into the history and rituals of one of Delhi’s most venerated Sufi mausoleums. The book was published in conjunction with Delhi Tourism Corporation.

She has also written a tongue in cheek cookbook called “ A Gentleman’s Guide to cooking” ( Niyogi) . In January 2013 Zubaan Books published a memoir based on her parents life called “In the shadow of Freedom- three lives in Hitler’s Berlin and Gandhi’s India“. The book is a factual account of her father Ganpat Tendulkar, once married to Thea Von Harbou, German author & script writer of movies such as Metropolis & M. The book explores their relationship in Berlin before the Second World War, her father’s return to India and involvement with the freedom struggle, and his marriage to Indumati Gunaji, her mother. She has also written a book called Magic Mantras which is a self help guide book for young adults.

'In the Shadow of Freedom' her latest book, is a factual account of her father A.G. Tendulkar, once married to Thea von Harbou, author and script writer of German movies such as Metropolis and M.

The book explores their relationship in WW2, her father’s return to India, India's independence, and his marriage to her mother Indumati Gunaji. Never seen before letters and documents, Gandhiji's conditions of celibacy on her parents wedding and the denazification certificate of Thea von Harbou are included!

Laxmi has made her foray into edu-tainment through her initiative Prithvi Media that is a platform on sustainable living with a focus on environmental awareness in education for middle school children. Through their animation studio Prithvimedia has made several videos for children. Chimi’s World is a DVD with various items centered around the theme of Chimi’s Dream, 13-minute long 3-D film about a boy named Chimi who, in his dream, encounters various animals in a forest all of whom are protesting against man for destroying their habitat. Prithvi Media has conducted workshops for various schools all over India through their team of motivated people. Prithvi media has also made several short films in public interest on power theft, conservation of water and wildlife etc and is now working on a initiative against violence for women.