Crab Au Gratin

Seafood specialities:Crab Au Gratin

Serves: 5-6 People

Time Required: 55 Minutes


1. 2 cups chopped crab meat;

2. 25 gms butter;

3. 2 tbs white flour, 3 tbs milk;

4. 2 tbs crushed black pepper , salt to taste;

5. 1 cup grated cooking cheese


1. Boil the crab pieces and drain well. Put the pieces in a non stick broiling pan.

2. Prepare the white sauce by melting the butter in a pan on a slow pan, put the white flour and allow it to become slightly brown, Add the milk stirring continuously allowing the white sauce to thicken, add ½ cup cooking cheese and salt to taste.

3. Pour the white sauce over the crab, sprinkle the black pepper on top and cover with grated cooking cheese.

4. Broil for 20 minutes under high heat

If ready crab meat is not available, please follow these instructions to dress fresh boiled Crab still in its shell.

1. Pull off all the pincers and wipe shell.

2. Turn crab on its back and extract the meat from its shell putting it aside for the recipe.

3. Remove and discard stomach bag and grey fingers (these are not edible)

4. Take out all meat.

5. Crack top of shell and remove pieces to make cavity for the filling.

6. If the crabs have large pincers they may be cracked and the meat from them extracted and added to the meat from the shell

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