Earth meets Fire : The Dance of Shiva

The earth shakes, the ground trembles
Lightning streaks across the sky
Shiva with his flaming locks
a drum in one hand and the vigilant cobra round his neck
one thigh high balancing on the other
is about to open his ‘third eye’

Destruction, the end of creation
The great lord of the Himalayas dances
The mountains tremor, rivers and streams go underground
animals and beasts and birds gather
Siva the ascetic clad in tiger skin
covered with fresh ash from the crematorium.

He controls the fragile balance of
creation, life, destruction.
With no death there is no birth….. no rebirth
The endless karma of life
He meditates with all three eyes shut
in the Himalayas and once awakened
The third eye can never close again
It can only destroy itself !


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