Souffle Eggs on Vegetable Base

Egg Dishes:Souffle Eggs on Vegetable Base

Serves:2 People

Time Required: 40 Minutes


1. 1 large onion chopped;

2. 4 green chilies chopped;

3. 1 tbs chopped coriander leaves;

4. 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste;

5. 1 tomato chopped;

6. 1 flat tsp coriander-cumin ( dhania-jeera) powder;

7. 2 eggs separated;

8. 2 tbss oil;

9. 2 potatoes (half boiled and sliced into thick rounds);

10. salt to taste.


1. Add oil in a skillet, once hot put onion, green chilies, ginger-garlic paste, and tomato coriander-cumin (dhania-jeera) powder.

2. Mix the half-boiled potatoes in this and cook over a slow fire till potatoes are done.

3. Spread the above mixture while hot, in a flat fire-proof serving dish.

4. Beat egg whites stiffly, beat egg yolks lightly, fold gently together and spread over mixture.

5. Bake in over till top is golden brown.

Instead of potatoes, you can use other vegetables like carrots, French beans etc.

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