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BOOK LAUNCH - In the Shadows of Freedom:

> Goa Launch - August 2 2013 at Hotel Marriott

> Mumbai Launch - August 13 2013

Past Events

Laxmi Dhaul's Interview with Nihal for BBC Radio - Asia Network

London Book Launch : Interview at BBC, London - July 02 2013

Laxmi Dhaul was invited to a recording in London for the BBC Outlook radio broadcast. She was asked to speak about her parents relationship with Mahatma Gandhi. Below is the 7 and a half minute recording of the same.

Harry Dhaul & Suhel Seth at the London Book Launch

Harry Dhaul's speech & Suhel Seth reading the passages from the book 'In The Shadow Of Freedom'

In The Shadow Of Freedom
London Book Launch - June 28 2013

Asia House, London

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Television Feature - When Mahatma Gandhi helped lovers get married

Although much is known about Mahatma Gandhi, there is always a new story waiting to be uncovered. In the book 'In The Shadow Of Freedom', Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul narrates her parents' (Ayi Tendulkar and Indumati) love story, a story that features Mahatma Gandhi and a who's who of Indian freedom struggle. Even though Laxmi disapproved of her father's "much-married" status, her parents married on the condition that they will not have children until Independence.

Environment Day - 5th June 2013

Environment Day on 5th June 2013, WWF India launched their 'Master Trainer's Kit' for Education in Sustainable Development ( ESD). The kit comprised of handbooks and a 26 minute video on ESD created by Prithvi media. Dr Parvin Sinclair Director of NCERT ( National Council of Education Research Training ) released the DVD which was then played for all those present . Its quality and content , and especially the value based exercises that were animated by my team in Prithvi Media were highly appreciated by all.

Reading at Laburnam Gurgaon - May 8 2013

Gurgaon: with Laxmi Dhaul, Maya Krishna Rao and book club members

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Max Mueller Bhavan Library - April 3 2013

Delhi launch of the book " In the Shadows of freedom": with Dilip Padgaonkar former editor Times of India , Maya Krishna Rao, Theatre personality, Mr Shriver Director MMB, Urvashi Buatlia publisher and Laxmi Dhaul author.

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Jaipur Literature Festival - January 26 2013

Jaipur: Launch of the book " In the Shadows of freedom" with Suhel Seth, Urvashi Butalia and Laxmi Dhaul

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Published by Zubaan Publishers (January, 2013)

In the early thirties Ayi Tendulkar, A young journalist from a small town in Maharashtra,travelled to Germany to study. Within a short time ,he married Eva Schubring ,his professor's daughter. Soon after the short-lived marriage broke up, Tendulkar, by now also a well-known journalist in Berlin, met and fell in love with the filmmaker Thea von Harbou, divorced wife of Fritz Land and soon to be Tendulkar's wife.

Many years his senior,Thea became Tendulkar's support and mainstay in Germany, encouraging and supporting him in bringing other young Indian students to the country.Hitler's coming to power put an end to all that ,and on Thea von Harbou's advice ,Tendulkar returned to India, where he became involved in Gandhi's campaign of non-cooperation with the British,and where with Thea's consent he soon married Indumati Gunaji, a Gandhian activist.

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Prithvi Media Showreel

Prithvi Media is a platform to instruct and entertain children by creating and promoting original, entertaining and stimulating content on environmental and and motivational themes. Prithvi Media has a studio with 2D , 3D animators , illustrators , artists and copy writers . Prithvi Media makes short animated and documentary films in English and Hindi on Environmental and motivational themes. The themes are created to invoke curiosity on environmental issues through vibrant 3-D animation and enthralling narrative. The showreel shows the latest work done by Prithvimedia including a teachers training module commissioned by WWF India to explain the basic concept of Education in Sustainable Development.

Sufi Talk (2005)

The magnetic pull of the Saints presence drew me to the Dargah again and again and I wanted to know more about his life, his teachings and the historical significance of the buildings in the Dargah complex. This has now culminated in the writing of this book. It also helped that my children studied in Ajmer and with Khawaja Garib Nawaz’s blessings, it was possible to satisfy my spiritual stirrings by visiting the shrine as well as my maternal yearnings by visiting the town that has fascinated me ever since.

Often, when visiting important religious shrines or holy places, the crowds, heat, dust and traffic overwhelms one. Invariably beggars get after you, and in the confusion and rush, one misses out on the spiritual and historical significance of the place. What starts as a pilgrimage, becomes an uncomfortable experience if done without some knowledge. The book the Sufi Saint of Ajmer was published in 2001 as a hardbound book, later published by Rupa in 2004 as The Sufi Shrine of Ajmer in a paperback.

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