Published Works

Published by Niyogi Publishers

The book is a humorous attempt to categorize recipes (Indian, Western and Continental) not on the basis of ingredients or mode of preparation but on the varied nature of Gentlemen Chefs. This is all the more relevant today, with the common perception that the best chefs are male and cooking is a hobby. Cooking is a wonderful stress reliever.

Various categories with suggested recipes, tongue-in-cheek verse and cartoons by Mario Miranda make for a delightful read!

An Ode to the Gentleman Chef :

Bachelors, epicureans, gourmets, and such - Savor this book which offers so much, It’s full of recipes; wondrous and light With ambrosial decoctions for that special night! We cater to one, we cater to all Be thee grumpy, frumpy or happy and joll! Be thee married - a blessed state indeed

Or on that front, be thee in need, Pick out a heading that suits your mood You may have a shock - but none too rude, For both bored and intellectual minds We offer great salads with lemon rinds. For mama’s boys there are goodies galore Enjoy them with love - while the others snore. For the happy go lucky; the young at heart We have sandwiches, pinwheels and lemon tart, The repentant and the almost read On mega doses of mithai and stew are fed! We offer these suggestions with humble pride But request you to take them in your stride!!