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Magic Mantras
Published by Niyogi Books (December, 2013)

You are young, confident and feel ready to make your mark in the world. Everything you’ve ever wanted is very close–all you have to do is reach out and take it! But as you extend your hand, you realise it isn’t as easy as it seems and what was once “oh so close” suddenly seems far away! Life seems to have pulled the rug from under your feet! Then what do you do? You try harder and harder, and the more you try the further your dream seems to slip away! And when you stop trying, your dream just fades into the distance!

So what CAN you do? You can close your eyes and call on your Magic Mantras. What is a mantra? Those familiar with Sanskrit texts will recall that a mantra is a stanza composed of sacred words, which when repeated over and over give tremendous strength. That’s exactly what these Magic Mantras are for; to help you discover the tremendous strength that is already inside you.

Why do we need these Magic Mantras? Adolescence is a transitional phase. It is a confusing, rebellious, beautiful, miserable, exciting phase of constant change. A phase in which you may have to shed beliefs you have unquestioningly clung on to till now; and it’s the period when people suddenly start looking at you differently. It is the stage where you would like to be treated differently and take charge of your own life! So you find yourself oscillating between adulthood, and the responsibility that accompanies it; and childhood with all its carefree irresponsibility. During this stage, you may suddenly find your perception of your parents changing drastically, your family fortunes rising or dwindling suddenly, and strange new relationships are rushing into your life without warning, dragging complex emotions with them. When this happens, don’t panic, just relax, this is completely normal! With these Magic Mantras, you’ll learn to be positive and enjoy the rollercoaster you’re on!

During your teenage years, you are gradually developing a new personality. It’s a bit like fine-tuning a radio. In order to get the best clarity, you have to find the right frequency. Similarly, the change going on within you may not be visible externally and may just require you to keep making some minor “frequency” changes, till your personality is just perfectly you! This is certainly a confusing time, and it’s important to remember one thing ... you must be patient with yourself. Right now, you need to build, not beat, yourself up! Take a deep breath, and believe in yourself. The mantras in this book will help you to understand and cope with the changes you are going through, and at the same time to unleash the vast potentials that lie within you.

Adolescence is also the stage in life when a lot of important questions need to be answered. What should I study? Where should I live? What should my career be? Should I trust this person? These questions may seem overwhelming but it’s comforting to know that all of them ultimately lead you to finding yourself. You may ask if these Magic Mantras will help you find your answers over the next few years, and the answer is YES. These Magic Mantras will guide you to discover who you really are and what you really want. Then it will help you go out and achieve your dreams!

People will listen to your ideas, you will get admission into the university of your choice, the girl/boy you are in love with will accept you as you are, you will get everything you want out of life ... but if, and only if, you believe in yourself. There are tomes of written material available about positive thinking and how to live better lives: books that will help you advance spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. This book is your own personal guide–simply talking straight to you, the way a friend would.
I sincerely hope these Magic Mantras will help you on your journey of life; please believe that you have everything within you to make this journey truly remarkable ...
All the best ! Laxmi Dhaul September 2013