Motivational Talks


My interest in education and self development are a result of my close interaction with the education of my 3 children whilst they attended J B Petit School Mumbai, G D Somani School Mumbai, Cathedral & John Cannon School Mumbai, Mayo college Boys School in Ajmer and Mayo College Girls school, Ajmer. I have often been the ‘parent in charge’ in various capacities in these schools for extra curricular programs and have designed and assisted in several projects and programmes. I have also given talks on various issues to the children. It is through this close interaction with children and teachers that the idea of motivational workshops evolved.

I have addressed Inner wheel in Belgaum on teaching infants through flash cards using the Glen Doman techniques. I have built and started a school in Belgundi village, Karnataka - G N Tendulkar High School, arathi medium upto 10th standard.

I have created a puppet show based on Chipko movement titled ‘Brave Amrita’, explaining environmental issues to small children at:
• Cathedral & John Cannon Junior school, Mumbai
• G D Somani school, Mumbai
• Centre of Rehabilitation for physically handicapped children, Mumbai