Starry, Starry Night …..

Starry, Starry Night ….. Paint your palette blue and grey…… I look up into the sky and watch millions of stars twinkling in the dark black sky of the universe. It is a perfectly clear night with no clouds and Continue reading →
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Out of the snakes belly!

On one of my frequent journeys from my hometown Belgaum, down the forested hills of western India, I remember seeing young boys kick down a 3 feet high anthill . In seconds they maliciously destroyed what thousands of ants must Continue reading →
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BBC Asia Network, London: Nihal interviews Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul

11 am, 8th July, 2013 Nihal: Stories about your parents and your grandparents - stories of pain and sacrifice and photos to piece together their lives….. (more…)
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