Chicken Dhansak (Chicken in Aromatic Parsi Spices and Lentils)

Nourishing meals:Chicken Dhansak

Serves: 5-6 People

Time Required: 60 Minutes


1. ½ kg chicken pieces breast ;

2. 4 pods crushed garlic;

3. I inch fresh ginger ;

4. 6 dry red chilies tbs cumin seeds ( jeera);

5. I tbs coriander seeds (dhania );

6. I inch cinnamon stick;

7. 2 crushed green cardamoms;

8. 4 black peppercorns;

9. I1/2 teaspoons turmeric (haldi) powder;

10. teaspoons dhania jeera powder*;

11. 1/3 cup toover dal ;

12. 1/3 cup moong dal;

13. 1/3 cup masoor dal (yellow lentils);

14. I medium aubergine (brinjal) into 4 pieces;

15. I00gm piece of red pumpkin, peeled and cut into 4 pieces;

16. 2 large tomatoes, chopped ;

17. I tbs tamarind pulp;

18. I tbs grated jaggery;

19. 21/2 tsp salt;

20. 2 tbss vegetable oil or melted ghee;

21. readymade Dhansak masala ( preferably Motilal brand ) or 2 tsps sambhar powder.


1. Soak all the lentils together in cold water.

2. Heat oil and fry onions till brown..Add masala paste, turmeric haldi, coriander-cumin seed powder, cook 5 minutes.

3. Add tomatoes, cook 5 minutes. Add mutton and cook till water dries. Add the three lentils dals, aubergine brinjal, tomato, fenugreek methi leaves. Mix well

4. 4. Slowly add 6 cups water, salt. Bring to boil
Cover and simmer on low heat till the mutton is tender. Remove from fire and keep aside.

5. Soak tamarind and ½ cup boiling water for 15 minutes

6. Strain the liquid through sieve and extract all the juices. Discard the pulp

7. Remove mutton from the lentils dals and keep aside.

8. Mash the lentils dals through a colander into another pan.

9. Then mix into mutton again.

10. Add tamarind juice and jaggery to the mutton/dal and cook slowly for 10 minutes. Add extra water if too thick.

11. Before serving sprinkle on top one finely chopped onion, fried brown and ½ dessertspoon finely chopped coriander serve with roti and rice and garnish with lamb meat balls.

Note:-Dhansak masala is a special masala made for Dhansak and is available in stores usually run Parsis.

Traditionally the Dhansak is served with brown rice where a little brown caramelized burnt sugar, about 2 tspn is added in the boiling rice while the rice is being cooked.

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