Guide to a Gentlemans Chef : Note From the Author

Guide to a Gentlemans Chef’

My friend Gitanjali and I wrote the book ‘Guide to a Gentlemans Chef’ some time ago. It was published by my good friend Bikash Niyogi of Niyogi Books and is available in the book shops. We were very sorry to hear about the passing away of Mario Miranda who had illustrated the book. Mario was amazing – he brought his own brand of humour to whatever he did. We just gave him the verses we had written that divide the book into different types of gentleman chefs. His sense of humour and wit manifested itself through his detailed drawings to match the nonsense work but he took his own time. You could not ask him to hurry or adhere to any deadlines. Gitanjali and I thought that we would give some life to the humour and some of the authentic recipes in the book by sharing a few of them on the internet through my blog. So friends every few days you will catch a few recipes on line. If you have any suggestions or want to share any other tips that you think may be relevant , do send them to us and we will figure a way to put up your suggestions
Laxmi Dhaul

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